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Microblading is the art of semi permanent eyebrow tattooing, and has actually been around for many years but only until recently has it come to the forefront of the beauty industry. It is considered semi-permanent because it typically can last for approximately for 1-2 years, depending on your skin's pigment retention.

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Microblading is a meticulous two-step process that takes about two hours from start to finish.


We determine what shape of the eyebrow you're trying to achieve – measurements are taken – and we draw the eyebrow shape that is most complimentary for the client.


Once the brows have been drawn, a three layer numbing process is applied in order to minimize any discomfort. Some clients feel absolutely nothing, other than a slight pressure.


A disposable microblading pen is used to draw on individual, crisp, hairlike strokes. We never reuse micro pens and a new prepackaged one is opened for every client.


The end result is a full, natural, almost fluffy-looking new brow.


A touch up is required in four to six weeks time, as it takes two sessions to make adjustments to the shape and or colour in order to get the full effects of a natural-looking brow.

Microblading First Session: $350

4 week perfection session $100
follows up first appointment

Perfecting appointment under 1 year $100

Microblade/Shade Brows $425

Microblading/Microshading Perfecting appointment 1 year $180

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Microblading is perfect for clients who are looking to define, correct asymmetry, fill in gaps due to over-plucking or completely reconstruct their brows. It is ideal for those who have lost their hair from alopecia, chemotherapy or trichotillomania.

We are proud to offer this amazing service and take great care in offering a safe and clean environment in order to ensure the safety and comfort of our clients.

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*To our valued clients regarding Thairapy Beauty Bar microblading cancellation policy:

A $50 deposit is to be made at the time of booking. This deposit is credited towards the cost of the service and is non-refundable. Please be aware that you will forfeit the fee if you cancel your appointment, no exceptions. An additional $50 fee will be required to make a new appointment. We require 24 hours notice should you need to change your appointment, or you may forfeit your fee.

Thank you for respecting what we love doing most – serving you!!
-Team Thairapy

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